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NANOMED2020 is a Coordination and Support Action under the FP7-Health which started in September 2012 for a total duration of 18 months.



The NANOMED2020 Coordination and Support Action under the FP7-Health aims at delivering concrete recommendations to the European Commission to push forward the field of nanomedicine under Horizon 2020. Amongst other activities, NANOMED2020 is currently focusing on:


  • Federating the nanomedicine community and establishing a European landscape via mapping all relevant actors, projects and infrastructures.


  • Identifying the key bottlenecks of the value chain to focus on to leverage the translational possibilities of the  development process and to bring in the end more products onto the market.


This project involves seven partners across Europe including the ETPN Secretariat but also the CLINAM foundation (Switzerland), the National Institute of Health Carlos III (Spain), Bioanalytik-muenster e.V (Germany), Nanobiotix SA (France), the Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi ONLUS (Italy), and SINTEF (Norway).


More information is to be found in a dedicated article published in the European Journal of Nanomedicine.

1. Mapping the nanomedicine community:

The first phase of this mapping activity focused on SMEs and industries involved in the nanomedicine sector across Europe. After many contributions from various networks, experts and national platforms, the first results listed more than 500 companies active to some extent in the field of nanomedicine.


The second phase gave results of a much broader landscape encompassing research institutes and clusters, national and European projects, and the latest nanomedicine initiatives.


In parallel, a 10 minutes online questionnaire has been designed and approved to gather additional data and to consolidate the existing and ongoing mapping activity.

Nanomedicine actors are kindly asked to take part in this survey. This activity is pivotal for NANOMED2020  to deliver significants outcomes by such means.

If you want just to be listed in the ongoing nanomedicine map, you can also choose the short version (1 minute) with only a very few questions!


This is also of special importance to increase the dynamism started by the mapping activity and to strenghten the community for coming NANOMED2020 actions.

Overall, we mapped 1,500 actors on the European nanomedicine landscape !


The overall resulting landscape is publically available and a tremendously powerful tool to stress the dynamism of the field and the importance to bring nanomedicine upfront at the European level.

Individual actors listed in the mapping hence benefit of an increased visibility at the European level and of future matchmaking opportunities.



2. Identifying the gaps, needs and bottlenecks in the nanomedicine value chain:

The same questionnaire was also designed to deliver first insights into the main gaps and needs of the nanomedicine value chain, which is another key action item of NANOMED2020.


A second activity will focus on the optimisation of the development process and on the perceived bottlenecks by category of stakeholders.

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