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The NanoMed Map is based on the popular Google Map feature allowing an intuitive and smooth navigation in the map.


Navigate in the Map by using drag-and-drop technique: move the mouse cursor to an area of the map, hold down the left mouse button, and while keeping the mouse button held down, move the mouse cursor in the direction opposite of what you want to show on the map.


To zoom in and out with the mouse, you can use the mouse wheel between the two mouse buttons.

Moving the wheel forward will zoom in, and moving it backward will zoom out. If you do not have a mouse wheel on your mouse, you can zoom in and out using the navigation icons on the left side of Google Maps.


Night view: to switch to the night view, click on the night button on top right of the map. This night modus allows a more general and palpable view of the overall community.




The NanoMed Map offers you the possibility to search for specific actors according their addresses (or country), their names, their types of organisation, their application focus, or free-text keywords.


Select the criteria you would like to search and enter the text in the free-text box in the window on your left. A drop-down list with suggestions will appear to make your search easier.


Check or uncheck the boxes in order to filter the results and let appear the actors only in the specific categories you have chosen.


The map can also be replaced by the list of actors according your search by clicking on the "Show list" button. This modus may simplify your search for a particular actor as the list is sorted alphabetically.


A counter on the search window's bottom right indicates how many results corresponds to your current search.


To reset your search, click on the "reset search" button.



Pin your Organisation on the NanoMed Map


Your organisation is missing on the Map?


No problem, notify us by using the dedicated form, we will check the data and update the map with your entry.

Access the form by clicking on: "Click here to help us keeping this communication tool up-to-date by amending, withdrawing, or adding your dot on the nanomedicine map." in the introductory text window on top left of the map.



Update or withdraw entries - Contact us !


You wish to update or withdraw your organisation's entry? or simply get in touch with us?


In this case also we provide you with a dedicated form accessible by clicking on the "contact" link on the bottom left of the map and leave us a message. To amend or withdraw an existing entry, please indicate in the message box which organisation you are representing, your position and a reason for the update / withdrawal. We remind you that the information available on the map is public (already published in the internet) does not contain personal information and is based mainly on databases of EU/national projects partners or ETPN members.

Thank you in advance for using the NanoMed Map tool and for keeping this instrument up-to-date!

The ETP Nanomedicine Secretariat
Nicolas Gouze
Olivier fontaine


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