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Vision Document

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This document is outlining a visionary picture of nanomedicine. It has been published in 2005.


Strategic Research Agenda

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Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology for Health 2006


ETP Nanomedicine - Opinion paper

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The Impact of the Open Innovation on (Nano-) Healthcare R&D in Europe by Mike Eaton and Klaus-Michael Weltring


ETPN White Paper 2013 "Contribution of Nanomedicine to Horizon 2020"

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The European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (ETPN) and the NANOMED2020 project published the White Paper on Contribution of Nanomedicine to Horizon 2020, the next European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation till 2020. This strategic document provides a set of key recommendations for the European Commission and the EU Member States to create a favourable ecosystem for the successful deployment of Nanomedicine in Europe. It lays thereby the groundwork to manage the efficient translation of nanotechnology from a Key Enabling Technology (KET) into new and innovative medical products.


Nanomedicine SRIA 2016-30

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Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Nanomedicine (2016-2030)

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