Structure and Governance of the ETP Nanomedicine

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ETPN Structure 2013
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A set of Working Groups (WG) and Advisory Groups (AG) has been set up according to the ETP Nanomedicine priority areas.


  • 4 Working Groups are focusing on Nanotechnology as enabling technologies for medical areas:


2015 WG Nano-enabled medical devices.png

2015 WG Nano-enabled imaging.png

2013 WG Nanotherapeutics

2013 WG RegMed


  • 5 Working / Advisory Groups are focusing on horizontal issues and providing services and advices to the ETPN Members:


2013 WG Business.png

2013 WG Clinical Interface.png2013 WG Toxicology and Charaterisation.png2013 WG Education and Training.png2013 AG Ethics, social impact and public awareness.png


The Executive Board of the ETP Nanomedicine consists of the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the Working Groups, Advisory Groups, Mirror Group, of the Secretary General and of the ETPN Chair and Vice-chair person.


2013 Chair ExBo


The ETP Nanomedicine members are composed of representatives from industry, public & private research organisations, universities, clinical institutes and hospitals, public authorities and scientific, industrial and public associations.


The work of the platform is supported by the Secretariat of the ETP Nanomedicine.

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